How did you get to COLLENDA?

I have been contacted directly by COLLENDA via XING in December 2018. This is how I came aware of my current position and so my journey with Collenda started.

Brief insight into my work…

As a consultant, I am not only the bridge between our customers and our company, but also there to impart in-depth knowledge of our product portfolio to our customers. I advise, help and develop solutions for our customers. I see myself as a problem solver, but also as the flagship of COLLENDA with our local customers. My day-to-day tasks include developing solution concepts and implementing credit management software (Debt Manager, Creditmanager, Report Manager, etc.). In addition, I am the contact person for all products as well as for customer-specific product enhancements and the implementation of workshops.

My most beautiful moment at COLLENDA was …

My best moment at COLLENDA so far has been getting to know my team, which is not only professional, but also cordial and collegial. Within a very short time, I was able to learn a lot about the company, the customer portfolio, the products and the company philosophy, which in turn facilitated my onboarding. I appreciate the helpfulness of my colleagues, the solutions, as well as the working philosophy or atmosphere within my department. There have been many beautiful moments at COLLENDA so far for these reasons.

For me, COLLENDA is the right employer because…

COLLENDA is the right employer for me because the focus of the company is on people. A satisfied employee is a productive employee and that’s why I’m ready to go further steps so that COLLENDA succeeds. In addition, the tasks are very interesting and it excites me to develop solutions for our customers. I like the work and enjoy it.

My application tips are….

In addition to an interesting profile in your CV, you should also be authentic, show interest and, above all, ask why people like to work for COLLENDA and not anywhere else.

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„Customers and Partners consider us to be the strongest thought leader and the best solution provider in the Credit Management Lifecycle market in Europe. We enable our customers to have long-term business success by helping them running their credit operations more efficiently and making collections more effectively.“

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