More than 1,300 energy companies supply all households in Germany with electricity without interruption. However, it is also part of daily practice that many electricity customers do not pay their bills. Last year alone, the industry had to write to 6.6 million electricity consumers in person due to outstanding invoices. The means of exerting pressure by blocking electricity only works to a limited extent, because those affected have the option of changing supplier without further ado; in addition, there are requirements on the part of the legislator, since electricity is part of the basic supply.

Digitalisation is currently changing the situation here as well. Various start-ups and IT companies are working on cloud solutions that can attract new customers, handle the entire billing process and generate reminders in the event of payment problems. However, support for the dunning process in the event of permanent payment defaults ends at the latest when legal action, e.g. obtaining a title, becomes necessary.

A new solution from the software manufacturer Collenda provides a remedy here. The company offers its customers a cloud solution that can be seamlessly linked to the existing (cloud) billing system via a service API. This system provides maximum process support not only in court proceedings. Rather, the recovery of claims in the pre-trial area can also be carried out with maximum efficiency and effectiveness using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. If you are interested in the applications of the AI-based solution, do not hesitate to contact us.