Cloud Ecosystem – Partner network for SaaS providers

Collenda is now a partner of the Cloud Ecoystem network. The network brings SaaS providers together. Robin Brinkmann (Head of Open Integration Hub) and Veerle Türling (Head of Ecosystem & Communications) explain in an interview what Cloud Ecosystem is all about.

Can you give examples of partnerships that have been formed through your platform?

Cloud Ecosystem Most partnerships arise between SaaS providers whose products complement each other well in the form of sales and technology partnerships. As a network, we primarily offer the opportunity to establish the necessary contacts. However, we also provide very active support, particularly in the area of technology partnerships, through our joint project Open Integration Hub. Here, several partner companies are jointly developing an open source framework that significantly simplifies the integration of SaaS solutions.

Other partnerships are emerging between infrastructure providers, platform providers and SaaS vendors. At joint trade fair booths (such as CeBIT, World Hosting Days/now Cloudfest, and smaller local trade fairs), the focus was on gaining leads, e.g., sales partners for other regions. Discussions are now underway for participation in Cloudfest 2022, and joint workshops/workgroups are also planned, to be held at the initiative of members. Projects such as the Open Integration Hub will emerge from these workgroups. Diverse vendors and research institutions will be involved and the development of connectors to the Open Integration Hub for 15 vendors have been funded by Cloud Ecosystem.

Participating partners can apply for membership as “Premium Member”, “Professional Member” or “Supporting Member” – what does that mean?

  • Supporting Membership is free of charge. The aim is to build up as large a European SaaS network as possible in order to increase the visibility and acceptance of the SaaS topic. A solution profile in the Smart Business Cloud cloud store is also included, on which we present the community. Supporting Members may receive invitations to selected community events.
  • For around 70% of providers, the reason for signing up for Professional Membership is to obtain the “Certified Cloud” certificate, which signals trust and accelerates the selection process for prospective customers. For around 30% of Professional Members, the motivation is to support the development of the ecosystem. Furthermore, the providers can publish content in our blogs and participate in selected events/workgroups.
  • The Premium Membership includes the same services as the Professional package, but the number of profiles and certificates is higher. Additionally, there is a Silver Sponsoring Package for our events.

Facts and Figures

  • 100,000+ enterprises run their mission-critical business systems on Progress
  • 700+ ISVs build their software applications with Progress technology
  • 3,000,000-strong developer community
  • 6,000,000 business users work with apps running on Progress technologies
  • 100s of millions of consumers use apps built on Progress technologies
  • Global presence with 2.300 employees based in more than 30 countries
  • Listed on the Nasdaq for 30 years: PRGS
  • Founded in 1981 and successful for more than 40 years

Do you check the security standards of the participating partners? Do certifications such as ISAE 3402 or ISO 27001 play a role here?

Cloud Ecosystem No, we do not check these. Security is an important topic. But that’s precisely why there are already many organizations that deal with it and certificates that help customers evaluate it. The Cloud Ecosystem is a network for cloud providers. Certificates are not a prerequisite for the professional exchange among each other. We focus on pushing the cloud business – especially the topic of Software as a Service. This starts with our own projects such as Digital Boost, which we have positioned for SaaS providers in the BMWi, to showcase projects of the German government such as Gaia-X, which is virtually unknown to SaaS providers. For this we will conduct an online workshop on 7/13/2021.

What is behind the “Certified Cloud” seal?

Cloud Ecosystem Certified Cloud is not a certificate comparable to TÜV or ISO certifications. For Cloud Ecosystem, the focus is on the applicability of the solutions for and in companies. The providers commit themselves to comply with technical, contractual and service-related cloud quality standards. There are 6 topics, only one of which is about data protection and data security. Other relevant aspects for users for the selection decision for a solution are, for example:

  • Contract terms
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Service orientation
  • References
  • Architecture
  • Decision security (how old is the company, is the company certified by other bodies…)

It is very important for us that the certificate is not awarded automatically with the membership. For this, the requirements must be fulfilled. The certificate is renewed every year and is always issued for 12 months only.

Veerle Cloud Ecosystem

Veerle Türling.

Robin Cloud Ecosystem

Robin Brinkmann.

Collenda’s software solutions in the cloud

Collenda has been providing software for the credit lifecycle for more than 30 years and is a long-term partner for more than 800 companies, banks and collection agencies. Collenda’s software solutions are (optionally) operated in the cloud and can be easily integrated into existing (ERP) system landscapes via API. The Collenda Cloud offers you the following advantages:

  • On-demand infrastructure
  • Reduced IT resources through our Managed Cloud
  • AWS Software Development Kits available for many programming languages
  • Up- and down-scaling of the IT infrastructure according to the requirements of your company

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