Collenda’s Employee No.1 in Belgium

Geert Corbeel has represented our company in Belgium since April 2021. The 55-year-old is an experienced sales expert, has years of consulting experience in the finance and software industry and has numerous contacts in the Kingdom. He is now looking forward to his new role at Collenda.

French fries, beer and chocolate – Belgium has its clichés. Yet the Kingdom surprises those who look closely, especially in business life, with many facets. It is not only the location of Antwerp, with its gigantic port, that plays a major role in the European export economy. “The chemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular are strongly represented here,” explains Geert Corbeel. Among them are economic giants like BASF, Exxon Mobile, INEOS, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or GlaxoSmithKline.

“However, SMEs and self-employed people are the main players on the Belgian market,” explains the 55-year-old father of a son and a daughter. When a Belgian company grows to a certain size, French, Dutch or German companies are often waiting in the wings for a potential takeover.

Geert Corbeel Canada

Geert Corbeel loves to travel in his spare time. “Now the Collenda adventure is on the agenda for me.”

Geert Corbeel should know. He has been professionally active in the Belgian market for many decades. Since April, he has been Collenda’s representative in the federally organized country and will primarily take care of the local sales of our “Corporate” portfolio, for example, the products S4Dunning, Performance Management (Cwize) or Credit Management.

Geert is very well connected in Belgium. That is important in a country that is complicated. Several regional governments decide the fate of the kingdom, which is not very big anyway and operates in a difficult field of tension between the conflicting interests of Flemish and Walloons. In addition, there is a confusion of languages that makes communication complex: French, Flemish, German – you never really know which language your counterpart will speak for the first contact. That demands flexibility.

Professionally, Geert has undoubtedly demonstrated this flexibility. The trained accountant started his working life in 1989 in a Finnish company. At the time, he was still working in treasury management. Later, Corbeel worked for the Danish company SimCorp, then at Dun & Bradstreet, and finally he landed in the sales of financial software. “From that time I simply know many representatives from the industry,” says Geert Corbeel.

Compared to other European countries, the small state of Belgium, despite the aforementioned complexity, also has outstanding advantages: its centrality and the many European and international authorities, which makes the country a melting pot of different nations. In the middle, Brussels as the anchor of the EU economic community and community of values.

Geert Corbeel quickly settled in at Collenda. Although, like most of his colleagues, he has been working from his home since joining the company, onboarding and communication via Microsoft Teams have gone extremely smoothly, says Corbeel, who likes gardening in his spare time and is fascinated by Japanese koi carp. The 55-year-old is also interested in sports. He follows the golden generation of Belgian football, is interested in handball and enjoys cycling. Of course. “Finally, there is Eddy Merckx,” says Geert Corbeel, Belgian national hero and the greatest rider in cycling history for sure.

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Geert Corbeel.

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