Expert Interview: Credit Management in the Netherlands

The corona pandemic has sparked a great deal of discussion among credit managers. We spoke to Casper Sonnega about the status quo in the Netherlands. He is a board member of the Vereniging Voor Credit Management (VVCM), the Dutch Credit Management association.


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How did the Dutch economy cope with the Corona pandemic? Very good! … says Casper Sonnega, board member at the Vereniging Voor Credit Management (VVCM). After an initial dip, he says, unemployment has stabilized, and now gross domestic product is even forecast to grow in 2021 and subsequent years.

Why is that? The government and banks have distributed large amounts of money to local companies. A number of companies have also made use of the payment postponements that have been granted. Casper Sonnega considers the risk of so-called zombie companies, which are only kept alive by government subsidies, to be relatively low.

However, this is also due to the fact that some companies that were already struggling financially have voluntarily given up their operations. So is the situation completely relaxed? Not necessarily: It is unclear to what extent Dutch companies will have to pay back certain taxes or not.

Applications such as Collenda’s credit management software, which is part of Open Credit 4.0, help keep an eye on the customer portfolio and enable early hedging of risks through proactive action. The advantages of Open Credit 4.0:

  • Numerous interfaces to external information service providers and credit insurers reduce the manual effort required
  • User-friendly workflows and intelligent automated processes save time and money
  • Operation in the cloud ensures scalability and flexibility

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