Cooperation for strong processes in banking

Collenda has been working with the consulting firm ifb for many years. Joint projects have been and are being carried out on the client side, for example in the areas of credit, collection and risk. The strengths of both companies complement each other perfectly.

The launch of new software in the banking sector is complex. Numerous data streams have to be intelligently managed, interfaces bundled in integration layers, core banking systems and cloud infrastructure connected.

“In order for the implementation of software at the customer’s site to go as smoothly as possible, the processes have to be in place,” says Daniel Andres, Head of Sales DACH at Collenda. While the Meerbusch-based company ensures optimally balanced software, ifb helps with the connection. The requirements for integration often differ significantly from bank to bank. The goal is always to offer customers perfectly coordinated services.

“In an increasingly agile environment, the efficient and adaptable implementation of best practices is a key lever for continuously improving the customer experience of our clients and their customers,” says Christoph Servaes, Global Head of Consulting at ifb group. The coordinated use of standard functionality across all processes is essential. This is optimally achieved when an understanding of the requirements, best practices and in-depth knowledge of the IT solution used come together – in short, with technical, IT, software and operational expertise from a single source.

ESG and Climate Risk Round Table Series: ESG & IFRS 9 (in german)


Oliver Wulle (ifb Treuhand GmbH)
Martin Grasse (Business Architect Collenda)

Date: Tuesday, 05 July 2022, 3 – 4 p.m.


ifb looks back on years of expertise in the banking sector. The partnership between ifb and Collenda has been built on a strong foundation for many years. The two companies have already worked together successfully on projects to introduce Collenda’s Open Credit software suite and its IFRS 9, Collections & Recovery (C&R), Loan Origination (LO) or Loan Servicing (LS) modules.

“The strengths of our companies complement each other perfectly, which is why we will cooperate even more closely in the future,” explains Daniel Andres, Head of Sales DACH at Collenda. For this reason, both companies now want to seal the partnership contractually. Especially in the DACH region, but also in other European countries, the cooperation is to be intensified. This also makes sense in view of changes in the market and increasing requirements. “Our customers can now benefit from our partnership in a scalable way, together we bring cloud and SaaS to a new end-to-end level,” says Servaes.

Fitting consulting services are also very important in regards to upcoming specifications for ESG. Criteria such as environmental, social and governance issues will have to be taken into account more and more in the future. ifb offers broad expertise in this area. “ESG intervenes deeply in processes, e.g. EU taxonomy in the lending process,” says Servaes. The ifb auditors expect that ESG will pay special attention to collateral valuation. The calculation of expected credit loss under IFRS 9 is a unique selling point of Collenda. “Our clients benefit sustainably from both, the Collenda and ifb expertise”, says Servaes


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