Banking: Our New Man in Austria

Collenda has a representative in Austria since October. Sales Executive Dietmar Nussböck will be our man on the spot in the Alpine republic for the “Banking & Insurance” sector. The 37-year-old has many years of experience and precise goals.


Dietmar Nussböck knows the Loan Origination process inside out – and not just since he built a house in Vienna’s suburbs, where he now lives with his wife and their children Jakob (10) and Johanna (4). The topic of loan origination has also accompanied him professionally since he completed a classical bank training program at BAWAG from 1999-2002.

Since then, the sales expert has held numerous positions – also in other industries: at Telekom Austria as Customer Service Specialist, for Hermes Logistik Österreich as Logistics Manager, and for a while Dietmar also worked for the photo specialist Canon. During this time, the native of Vienna not only completed his diploma in project and process management at WIFI Vienna. He thus also knows the business of banking customers.

After his son was born, however, Dietmar returned to his roots. “I then switched back to the bank,” he recounts. First as a “Restructuring & Work Out Manager” for the Early & Late Collections division, and later as a Senior Retail Credit Risk Manager at the Russian-run Sberbank. As part of this role, he implemented complex projects, including designing a decision engine for nine state banks to harmonize lending for consumer loans. Loan origination again, in other words. Because of the different regulations of the various national banks, he says, this has been a difficult project. “At times,” Dietmar says, “we sat in meetings with over 35 participants.”

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Dietmar Nussböck also experienced the effects of the annexation of Crimea by Vladimir Putin at first hand. During this time, he was mainly responsible for establishing a direct bank for consumer loans in Europe for Sberbank, because funds could not be forwarded to the non-European subsidiaries for funding due to sanctions imposed by the EU and the ECB.

At Collenda, Nussböck looks after the “Banking & Insurances” segment for the Austrian and Swiss markets from his home office in Oberrohrbach – “with prospects for the Balkan states as well”. He still has many contacts in this region from his professional past. Logically, he also knows the business in Austria like the back of his hand. “The banking market in Austria is more closed than in Germany,” Dietmar explains. In Germany, he says, there is a stronger exchange, for example in the context of conferences. Nussböck is responsible for the entire Collenda portfolio in Austria, from Loan Origination and Loan Servicing, to Collections & Recovery, Intensive Care & Restructuring and IFRS 9.

In his free time, Dietmar enjoys visiting the local fitness center, meeting up with friends or taking trips to the thermal spa in Bad Schallerbach. Skiing, basketball or mountain bike tours are also on the agenda – and, of course, home improvement in the new house. “Soon the driveway will have to be asphalted,” he says with a laugh.

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