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We are Collenda

Collenda is a new name, but a long-trusted supplier of credit management and collections software to over 700 banks, corporations and collections agencies across Europe. Collenda brings together the talent and expertise of ABIT GmbH in Germany and EuroSystems BV in the Netherlands, now working together under one name. 

Our applications help automate the complete credit life-cycle from first application to final payment, with versions optimized for banks, commercial businesses that give credit and the agencies that serve them. Smart workflows and easy-to-use self-service apps mean efficient and fair handling of every credit, ensuring good outcomes for your loan book and your customers. 

Collenda’s software and services are built on the credit management expertise of our consulting and support teams and the experience of our technical operations staff.  Our service operations are ISAE 3402 Type II certified, so you can rest assured that our cloud services meet the best industry standards for security and reliability.

With our cloud technology and machine learning, we are leading the digitalization of credit management.  We are Collenda.

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