Martin - Sales




Martin - Sales

How did you get to COLLENDA?

After 17 years at Telekom and two years at Lowell in senior positions, I wanted to do something completely new. I haven't had Sales in my CV yet. In addition, the area fits, as I was responsible for receivables management /collection at Telekom for a long time.

Brief insight into my work…

A lot of phone calls with customers and interested parties or potential interested parties. In addition, there is the holding of presentations and meetings at the customer's site. In addition, I negotiate with new customers on commercial details and framework conditions, design and agree on terms for contracts. The entire processes take place in close internal coordination with the professional service area and the product owners....

My most beautiful moment at COLLENDA was …

The first self-responsible conclusion. But it was the termination of a long-standing customer, with whom the exit conditions were very much negotiated in our favor.

For me, COLLENDA is the right employer because….

... much is going on and you can get involved! The day never goes as planned or as it was in the calendar! There are surprises every day.

My application tips are….

Be honest about your previous experiences. motivation and, in particular, interest in Collenda. Just be yourself and don't adjust yourself.

Collenda is a new name, but a long-trusted supplier of credit management and collections software to over 700 banks, corporates and collection agencies across Europe.

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