Regional workshops on EWB/Risk Provision HGB/GOBD are now planned for the first half of 2019.  This is a change to the previously published schedule.  For your practical work on the coming quarterly financial statements and the annual financial statements, the familiar process description is already available to you in the RKB Training Centre. The workshop dates will be announced as soon as possible.


Workflow Automation and OSPlus-RKB Workshops

The Collenda training program is open to all customers. Hosted by senior consultants from our services team, our seminars provide the perfect introduction to working with the Collenda platform. Our workshops are social as well as practical and offer the opportunity for lively exchange of ideas and working-practices within the community of users.  With technical and functional courses designed to meet the needs of IT, support and operations teams, our training program ensures that customers get maximum value from their investment in Collenda. 

We are pleased to announce the following schedule of events for our seminars and workshops:

16.10.2018 - Karlsruhe
23.10.2018 - Nürnberg
26.03.2019 - Hannover
28.03.2019 - Düsseldorf
04.04.2019 - Berlin
11.04.2019 - Karlsruhe
14.05.2019 - Nürnberg



Registration form 2018 workshops 

Registration form 2019 workshops 




Over 700 banks, corporate lenders, and agencies rely on Collenda technology to help manage their loans and collections. From Tier-1 financial institutions to independent agencies, all our customers benefit from our proven commitment to innovation, integrity and service.  We work closely with our user communities, sharing expertise and insights to ensure that their investment in Collenda continues to provide value over the long term.


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