Credit and Collections

"We help our customers run more efficient credit operations
and make collections more effective."


Collenda’s applications are built to streamline the management of a broad range of credit products and services. Our platforms have ready-made workflows optimised for the needs of financial institutions, corporate credit providers and the collection agencies (DCAs) and bailiffs that serve them.



Credit Platform

Collenda looks after the complete credit life-cycle, maximizing efficiency in the back-office and offering a seamless experience for debtors.  Our performance analytics and smart workflow technology mean complete transparency for management and tangible gains in collections and recovery rates.

Complete life-cycle support including risk and regulatory reporting for:

  • Commercial lending
  • Mortgage lending
  • Consumer finance

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Corporate Platform

Our corporate collections platform helps balance effective debt management with fair treatment of debtors.  For consumer debts, efficiency is key and Collenda’s smart automation offers maximum client engagement with lower administration costs.  For trade credits, Collenda’s cloud platform brings a systematic approach to credit scoring, cutting losses and freeing up working capital.

Consumer and commercial credit management for:

  • Utilities
  • Telecomms
  • Trade credits

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Agency Platform

Efficient case management, integrated data feeds and compliant workflows are key advantages of the Collenda platform for debt collections agencies and bailiffs.  As a cloud service with an easy to use client portal, Collenda lets everyone see the same, up-to-date information, accelerating case work and speeding resolution.

Commercial and legal collections management for:

  • Debtor Services
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Bailiffs

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Collenda is a new name, but a long-trusted supplier of credit management and collections software to over 700 banks, corporates and collection agencies across Europe.

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