Collection Manager

Collection Manager

Support the processing of mass and individual debt collection through automation and standard flexibility and enable dynamic adaptation to the needs of customers and higher productivity.


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best processes

Every debt collection agency is different - Collenda's debt collection solutions can be adapted in the shortest possible time through comprehensive configuration options. Manual or highly automated case processing via the integrated workflow system helps to establish the best processes in the respective business environment.

With central overviews, employees gain the necessary overview in all phases - from payment monitoring to foreclosure. Regardless of the accounting system from which the relevant receivables information originates, their data can be read into Collenda solutions via flexible interfaces and automatically fed into subsequent processes.

Application structure

Modular application structure for tailor-made processes.


High degree of automation through workflow control.

Easy integration

 Easy integration into existing system landscapes.

Quick overview

Quick overview of case-relevant information for competence decisions.

Flexible interfaces

Flexible interfaces for data transfer.

Key Advantages


User- and surface-oriented administration


Interfaces to various address and information service providers

Mass debt collection

Support for mass and individual debt collection


Integrated preparation for multilingual capability

Disclosure of the data

Disclosure of the data model (for easy integration of existing reporting tools or for own queries)

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