Collections & Recovery

Collenda Collections & Recovery

Comprehensive processing support for sub-performing (ABIT Banknology© Collections) and non-performing (ABIT Banknology© Recovery) loans.


Key advantages collections

  • Automatic, flexible and fast recognition of relevant cases
  • Automatic transfer and updating to COLLENDA BANKING (formerly ABIT Banknology)
  • Efficient and at the same time individual automation of the collection process, geared to the customer segment, using workflows.
  • Alignment of the catalogue of measures taking into account internal and external scoring values
  • Targeted initiation and monitoring of measures
  • Repayment and deferral agreements based on contractual cash flows
  • Generation of engagement alliances for risk and process control
  • Efficient processing due to clear status information
  • Practice-proven solution already in use at major banks, Landesbanken and building societies

Tool from Collenda

Analysis of diverse data with automatic support: Early detection of risks

The efficient implementation of procedures for the early detection of risks requires a high degree of automation with flexible design options and close networking of receivables management with the systems managing the portfolio.

Core topics are here:

  • The analysis of the entire customer and contract portfolio according to the relevant crisis signals
  • The differentiated and customer-specific design of the processes for initiating the appropriate countermeasures
  • The availability of current data in reporting


Automatic and customizable processing: Efficient use of resources

Every day, Collenda Collections checks your entire customer and contract portfolio for the indicators you have defined for early detection and seamlessly transfers the cases to automatic process processing. The dynamic interface architecture of our software supports uncomplicated communication with existing and third-party systems. The automated comparison of information keeps your data up to date at all times.

Individually configurable workflows take over the control of your workflows and ensure traceable standardization of your processes. Define the questions and answers in the rules of the workflow and determine the degree of automation - the workflow reliably takes care of the processing and integrates the employee where his decision is needed.

Classify cases in risk segments according to configurable parameters and group commitments in your operative processing units on this basis.


Use of targeted measures and monitoring: Increase return success

Use the full catalog of measures for backorder processing with a high degree of automation and support, such as:

  • Start/continuation of the dunning process until termination
  • Recording and automatic compliance monitoring of payment and deferral agreements
  • Documentation and support of the collateral realisation process

Tool from Collenda

Management of NPLs with a high degree of support: Efficient handling of receivables

Collenda Recovery provides comprehensive processing support for all complexity levels of non-performing loans. As in Collenda Collections, you benefit from all efficiency-enhancing automations such as workflows and individually configurable processes.

Take advantage of the many possibilities, e.g:

  • Calculate customer-related debt claims lists to the balance sheet date using interest on arrears calculations
  • Manage master data for insolvencies, collateral and collateral objects, valuations, etc.
  • Create standardized customer letters using form templates, fully compliant with in-house text manual
  • Make and document agreements with your debtors, such as partial payment agreements, and monitor these measures.
  • Document and process foreclosure, foreclosure and all types of collateral realisation measures
  • Automated determination and sweeping of proportional distribution of payments in third-party funds management

System connection: Automate the exchange of information across the board

In addition to the interfaces to your existing systems, standardized connections are available to you. In the course of the automated judicial dunning procedure, exchange data with the local courts and transmit your reports to the SCHUFA.

COLLENDA BANKING can be extended by the component Insolvency Check for the automated creation and updating of insolvency cases.


Key advantages recovery

  • Complete solution for all relevant processes in receivables management
  • Convenient administration of the debtor file with automated receivables calculation, functions for partial payment agreement, collateral calculation, etc.
  • Support of SCHUFA notifications and automated judicial dunning procedures
  • Comprehensive functions for determining risk provisioning with individual value adjustments, provisions and interest loss adjustment items as well as the option of forecast runs
  • Comprehensive interfaces to all common system landscapes

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