Collenda Garnishment optimises your work processes from the garnishment facility with the creation of the necessary correspondence to the automatic disposition to the final settlement of the garnishment and ensures sustainable cost reduction through this efficient process support.

Automation routine tasks

In garnishment processing time is of the essence. That is why Collenda Garnishment relies on the consistent automation of purely routine tasks.

Measures that must be triggered in the course of garnishment processing (e.g. blocks) can be carried out quickly and easily automatically through the integrative connection to the inventory management systems. Through intelligent disposition, amounts due to both the debtor and the creditor are determined and automatically passed on to the downstream systems.

Functionally oriented user guidance

Creation and management of all correspondence

Automatic deadline monitoring

Automatic disposition of creditor and debtor claims

Use of predefined standard or individual work processes

Bidirectional data exchange

With many core banking systems


Key Advantages

  • Reliable compliance with legal requirements. Standardized and automatic processes including correspondence management
  • Automatic disposition from creditor and debtor's point of view
  • Bidirectional data exchange with many common core banking systems

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