Open Credit – Intensive Care & Restructuring

Open Credit – Intensive Care & Restructuring

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Intensive Care & Restructuring offers an integrated, process-oriented solution for the efficient and traceable processing of conspicuous credit exposures. On the basis of tried and tested practical models, the process - from early risk detection to intensive support and restructuring, including the subsequent transition to the market or settlement - is supported in a professionally and technically integrated model. The extensive documentation obligations are fulfilled by transparent decision-making and integrated decision-making and reporting.


Structured preparation and presentation

of the information and documents arising in the intensive care/reorganization process (inventory, reorganization expertise, reorganization strategy, minutes of talks, correspondence, resolutions, etc.)

Configurable process support

from case transfer to delivery through integrated workflow controlConfigurable process support from case transfer to delivery through integrated workflow control

Automated generation

of the required resolutions and reports, integration of institute-specific documents.

Integrated monitoring

of measures/deadlines and commitment developmentIntegrated monitoring of measures/deadlines and commitment development

Extensive interfaces

for importing engagement data (customers, links, accounts, securities) and for regular importing of watchlist cases from in-house early detection with their risk indicators.

Extensive reporting options


Key advantages

Overall process

A stringent overall process from early detection through intensive support and restructuring to settlement

Workflow control

Tried and tested practical models and step-by-step workflow control

Early risk detection

Efficient early risk detection with own indicators or transfer from previous system


Configurable checklists for well-founded stocktaking and transparent decision-making

Automated decision-making and reporting

Easy fulfillment of legal documentation obligations through automated decision-making and reporting

Successful refurbishment

Combination of standard and individual measures for successful refurbishment


Seamless connection to existing systems or integration into ABIT applications

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