Open Credit – Loan Origination & Management

Open Credit - Loan Origination & Management

Collenda Open Credit - Loan Origination

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fully automated and
controlled workflows

Collenda Banking - Open Credit – Loan Origination & Management offers streamlined processing for standardized consumer or mortgage products. With highly automated and fully controlled processes from application to disbursement.

Annuity Loans, Total Loan Due, Amortization Loans, Forward Loans, Revolving Loans, Rollover Loans, Cap and Floor Loans are all supported with different process flows matched to the product characteristics. Front office and back office are fully supported and the borrower has online access via the customer portal.

Internal inventory management processes (such as periodic reviews) are also covered and our Open Credit – Loan Origination & Management application is fully integrated with our risks and regulatory reporting products.

Multi-currency loan management uses a freely administrable chart of accounts of main and secondary accounts for its double-entry accounting. SEPA and cross-border payments are fully supported.

Clarity for all

The customer can see all necessary documents at a glance. For each document, the portal checks for type and timeliness, so the customer and the consultant can see which documents are available or still missing, bringing clarity for everyone and helping accelerate applications.

Avoid wasted time

The automated plausibility checks relieve the financier of repetitive manual work and give the customer immediate feedback after uploading documents. Digital workflows mean all documents are immediately available for access around the institution, avoiding lost time waiting for the post room.

Improve process quality

Our integrated and automated workflows ensure each application follows a controlled and quality-assured process. The system rules make sure that incomplete document collection cannot be declared as complete and that out of date documents are not accepted. And because documents are shared, double deliveries are avoided. The clear benefit is improved quality and efficiency.

Optimize service quality

In the mobile digital age, customers expect service to be online, all the time. And they expect services to be joined up, showing the same information whether communicating on the phone or via an app. The Collenda platform delivers everything needed to deliver optimum service for the digital age.

100% digital

Digital self-disclosure enables an automatic analysis of account movements. The result is accessible to both the back office and the customer. The access authorization of the customer to his account is transmitted encrypted and is therefore only known to the customer/account holder. 

A digital approval process obtains signatures by e-mail and tracks progress of the completion of the signature panel. It covers circular and parallel resolutions signing.

Adaptable for the future

Our powerful workflow engine guides users through processes according to the bank's unique administrative specifications, whether product or customer-specific. Workflows and business rules can be easily adapted as your products and policies change, maintaining control and efficiency for the future.

Payment planning

With our Loan Management product, you can define and adjust the payment plan for each current loan up until maturity. Future target positions can be documented and shared easily with customers, helping achieve a clear and fair outcome for all parties.

Easy adjustment of terms

Loan management handles far-reaching changes in the terms and conditions of current loans. Interest rate changes, interest or repayment suspensions, or term changes can be mapped technically easily without problems. When product planning or restructuring the credit business of customers, you can concentrate on the business objective , the technical representability will not limit you. The approved back office measures can be implemented quickly and effectively.


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