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Risk management for customer portfolios with interfaces to credit agencies and credit insurers.

Collenda Open Credit - Credit Management

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Credit Management
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The Open Credit – Credit Management can already be used in a company's sales department. The assessment of the creditworthiness of interested parties and new customers can be carried out by obtaining credit reports even before the customer has invested.

The monitoring of existing customer relationships requires uncomplicated access to external creditworthiness information. The fully integrated interfaces to credit agencies and credit insurers enable comprehensive and system-supported monitoring of your portfolios, including automated monitoring if required. This eliminates the need for manual address entries in the various portals and the data contained is processed directly. This external information can be made available for enriching the internal key figures for use in scorecards and analyses. 




The integration of the e-mail module enables a central communication with the customer, the sales department or external service providers. Furthermore there is the possibility to create call notes. Thus, you always keep track of who was in contact with the customer when and what the current status is.

Flexible process control

An individually configurable workflow design allows you to automate a sequence of work steps based on your business processes.  Routine activities such as the limitation of credit limits, receipt of late reports from credit agencies or limit adjustments from insurers are directly assigned to the customers and displayed to the clerks via resubmissions.

Composite structures

Whether individual companies or complex group structures, the consolidation of customer accounts into risk alliances offers scope for cross-customer risk assessments.

Limit requests

The limit request process can be approved using various authorization scenarios. A history is created so that an application history remains traceable.

Integration into the system landscape

The data supply for the customer and document imports takes place via standardized import formats which can be adapted to your needs if required. A derivation of information is also available to you.

Integrated portfolio overview

To view the customer portfolio, the CreditManager integrates a portfolio overview, which can be filtered according to various criteria. At the touch of a button, you can find customers with the highest outstanding accounts or customers with the highest risk class.

Further and customer-specific evaluations

Based on the data available in the CreditManager, the ReportManager can be used to design your reporting at company and group level according to your needs. By the compilation by Drag & Drop meaningful reports arise. Due to the modern user interface the creation is intuitive.

Your advantage

Act proactively, keep the overview and concentrate on the essentials - your customers.



Your benefits

Modern interface

Web-based application with administrative interfaces

Simple connection

Fast start through simple customer and document imports

Multilingualism - Currencies - Clients

Multiple clients, different currencies and languages can be mapped within one application

Communication platform

E-mail dispatch, letter printing, conversation history, notes, document storage

Limit requests

Integrated creation and histoization of limit applications

External service providers

Integrated interfaces to credit bureaus and credit insurances as well as the transfer of collection cases


Monitoring of risk units, e.g. with administrable scorecards

Portfolio overview

Integrated presentation of the customer portfolio


Workflow control to relieve routine activities

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