Debt Manager

Debt Manager

Efficient support in all aspects of receivables management - from the first payment request and installment plans to the legal dunning process and enforcement.

The modular structure and the possibility to define your own action sequences provides a highly individual handling of your past-due receivables. Recurring tasks are automated and noticeably reduce the time and effort required for collection.

The automated dunning process, a convenient reminder management with automated deadline monitoring as well as functions for a selective and task-oriented approach and allocation to your employees support an optimization of the collection rate as well as a cost reduction for receivables management.



Modular application structure for tailor-made standard-processes


High degree of automation through workflow control.

Keeping the overview

Quick overview of case-relevant information for competence decisions


Flexible interfaces for data transfer (master and transaction data)


Seamless integratation into existing system landscapes

Your benefits


Better recovery success by segmentation of your debtors and and apply seperate dunning processes

Time saving

Time saving and cost reduction due to standardisation

Legal certainty

Legally compliant receivables management with deadline monitoring for compliance with legal deadlines


Full control of the recovery depth

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