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Simplicity for your dunning process

The current economic situation illustrates how quickly companies and customers can get into financial difficulties. Consequently, it is even more important to be able to maintain an overview of your debtor-related processes and optimize your accounts receivable management. S4Dunning helps you to prepare your company for coming challenges. Be part of the future and use the cloud solution to make your dunning processes easier and more flexible.


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What S4Dunning offers you

Our software solution helps you to manage outstanding invoices more easily and efficiently, thus reducing DSO (number of days an invoice is open). In addition to a particularly simple, user-friendly handling and a clear reporting system that offers you maximum transparency at all times, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Fast scalability and flexibility through application in the cloud (Software as a Service)
  • Time and cost savings through automated, individually adaptable processes and workflows
  • Available for different devices, such as cell phone and tablet, and in several languages


faster invoice payment*


lower costs*


better DSO and cash flow*

Work more efficiently thanks to intelligent software

S4Dunning not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounts receivable management through time-saving and intelligent workflows, but also helps to ensure better service quality for your debtors through structured processes, which at the same time leads to increased customer loyalty. Intelligent debtor segmentation and coordinated communication plans will proactively train your customers in better payment behaviour, thus increasing the liquidity of your company.

From a financial point of view, another significant advantage is that the optimization of processes in receivables management has a positive effect on the DSO and thus on the cash flow. You will also reduce the costs of your accounts receivable management through faster payment and fewer outstanding invoices and, as a result, fewer debt collections and interest expenses. The simple application minimizes the effort for daily recurring tasks and helps to process them automatically and more efficiently, which is also reflected in a decrease in expenditure of time for accounts receivable management.


Simple accounts receivable management with S4Dunning

The clear and simple navigation and meaningful reports provide you with all the relevant information you need to make management decisions. S4Dunning is easy to set up and supports simple receivables management processes as well as complex ones. In addition to digitalising your customer communication by automatically sending reminders by e-mail, saving you time and money, you can also manage your receivables digitally from anywhere - our cloud solution makes it possible.


What our customers say

S4Dunning is user-friendly, reliable and efficient due to its simplicity.”Stefan Walsemann, Accounts Receivable Management
S4Dunning makes cash collecting accessible for everybody”Vincenzo Castagna, Credit Management & Collections

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*according to statements from our customers.