• Embraces digitization in credit and receivables management market
  • Offers solutions based on cloud, artificial intelligence and scalability 
  • Company plans global organic and inorganic growth


Meerbusch, October 15, 2018. ABIT, the Düsseldorf-based provider of digital solutions for credit and receivables management, today rebranded itself as Collenda. With its new brand, the company is driving forward its international expansion, repositioning itself for the future and bringing together its multiple subsidiaries under a single name.

Through its rebranding Collenda is laying the groundwork to become the leading European provider of credit management and collections software via a targeted growth strategy. Its expansion is being driven by the trend towards the digitization of credit and receivables management, as well as the growing volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) which are fueling an interest in automated solutions.

Collenda has been created by combining German organization ABIT GmbH with Dutch companies Euro Systems and Cwize. Between them they have over 30 years’ experience and have built strong positions in the European credit management and collections software market. All three were quick to see the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning in the sector, and are now combining their expertise and know-how in order to help customers embrace these new developments.

The increasing use of artificial intelligence and the technological opportunities it provides make a crucial difference to everyone involved in the sector, including companies as well as customers in banks, corporate clients and collection agencies.

As part of its growth strategy, Collenda has broadened its product portfolio and adapted it to meet increasing international needs – including offering cloud and management services, which are rapidly gaining importance in the banking, corporate and agency sectors. Moving forward, Collenda will focus on digitization, artificial intelligence, claims management in the cloud and offering an Industry 4.0 digital solution.

Christian U. Haas, CEO of Collenda said: „We are in the midst of developments that are transforming the entire credit and receivables management sector. The companies that are first to develop and launch advanced technologies will have a unique opportunity to take a leading market position, especially in the context of artificial intelligence. Our strong foundations in Germany and the Netherlands gives us a perfect starting point and we are now planning for global organic and inorganic growth.“