Collenda Credit Management and Melle Gallhöfer – A success story

In Collenda we have found a reliable partner who has helped us to make our credit management much more efficient with competent advice and exceptional customer serviceMarkus Mönke, Head of Accounting at Melle Gallhöfer

Melle Gallhöfer is Germany’s leading medium-sized specialist retailer for roofs and facades. The company has around 50 branches throughout Germany and can look back on more than 100 years of experience: Anton Gallhöfer set up his own business as early as in 1899 as a specialty wholesaler for slate and interlocking tiles. The company quickly established itself successfully on the market and expanded. In 2018, Gallhöfer Dach GmbH and Melle Dachbaustoffe GmbH merged to form Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH. Today, with around 700 employees, the company is the multi-specialist for roofing and facades in Germany.

Before the merger of the two companies Gallhöfer Dach GmbH was already looking for a new system to monitor its debtors. The decision to choose a solution developed by Collenda was easy to make: not only because Gallhöfer Dach GmbH was assured of flexibility and a quick start of implementation, but also because Collenda has more than 30 years of experience in credit and receivables management – Two well-established companies that decided to take the road to success together.

Only 6 weeks after the first presentation date, employees of several branches of Gallhöfer Dach GmbH started their training. This allows now decentral inquiries for credit reports in the 50 subsidiaries. The integrated scoring system also provides employees with different approval levels for credit limits. Customer receivables are monitored by the central credit and receivables management department in Neuss where the larger credit decisions are made. The DDMonitor, which is integrated in the Collenda Credit Management solution has the largest stock of German collection data, supports the specialist department in monitoring risk and provides essential information for customer assessment. This not only enables default risks to be continuously reduced, but also facilitates better decision making on a daily base thanks to early warning systems for creditworthiness.

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