Flow and Grow: Collenda launches new Open Credit 4.0 platform

21 April 202

Meerbusch, 21 April 2020. Collenda, a leading provider of software solutions for credit and collections management, today announces the launch of Open Credit 4.0 – its new comprehensive solution suite. The platform sets new standards in the credit and collections management sector. Collenda’s cloud-based solution combines improvements in efficiency and efficacy with user-friendly interfaces and convenient implementation processes. The motto of the launch campaign is ‘Flow and Grow’. Its focus is the sustained improvement of liquidity management and the simultaneous optimisation of company workflows.

The modules in the Open Credit 4.0 platform are all available as cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Financial institutions and companies using the new solutions can link them securely and easily to existing systems via programming interfaces, known as APIs. Rapid and user-friendly implementation is an essential cornerstone of the new solution.

Open Credit 4.0 also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the very latest in process support. Smart algorithms optimise workflows and ease the burden on staff. The power of these new technologies can be harnessed, for instance, when restructuring receivables and loans. For example, the term of a loan or the instalment amount can be adjusted for each specific case on the basis of historical data and individual components. Furthermore, artificial intelligence can be used in the direct end customer interface, such as chatbots that can respond to customers’ questions and problems.

A key factor of the Open Credit 4.0 package is its user-friendliness, both for the user and for the customer. The solution supports multi-channel use and has been developed specifically for use on mobile devices.

Collenda CEO Hartmut Wagner is keen to stress that:

Efficiency, efficacy and user-friendliness are the key factors that will shape credit and collections management in the coming years. Our Open Credit 4.0 solutions provide our partners with applications that combine the latest technologies with an outstanding level of user convenience. The cloud-based infrastructure and new machine learning and artificial intelligence features facilitate flexibility as well as smart process optimisations that relieve the burden on employees and improve customer satisfaction. We insist on putting the needs of the customer first and so customers are completely free to decide how they wish to use our solution: in their data centre, as SaaS or as a hybrid solution.”

Visit the Collenda website at: www.collenda.com

About Collenda

With headquarters in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf, Germany, Collenda is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital solutions for credit management and collections software. With offices in Germany and the Netherlands, the company has been supporting firms in the financial and industrial sectors for over 30 years. Collenda particularly focuses on the digitalisation of processes, the use of artificial intelligence, collections management in the cloud and Industry 4.0 solutions for credit management and collections software.

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