S4Dunning also available in Exact App Center Germany and Belgium

collenda partner exactCollenda has expanded its cooperation with the financial platform “Exact”. Collenda’s S4Dunning software solution is now also available in the Exact App Center for Germany and Belgium.

With the user friendly plug & play software S4Dunning, companies can keep track of all open receivables and manage them even more easily and efficiently. Via the API to Exact Online, open invoices are automatically read out on a daily basis. Users receive a clear agenda with the daily tasks they need to perform regarding their accounts receivable. Many functions can be automated with S4Dunning. The software is extremely flexible and scalable. Once the system is set up, it is very easy to add new admins, users or company locations, for example; creating custom email templates is also a simple task. Through these structured processes, S4Dunning helps to improve the quality of service for debtors, which leads to better payment behavior. This has a positive long-term impact on DSO and thus on cash flow.

Exact took its first steps in digitizing accounting processes 35 years ago and is now the market leader in financial and business software. More than 400,000 companies and accountants in 110 countries rely on the innovative software solutions of the Dutch company. We are now pleased to be part of this success story.

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