UmweltBank digitalises its ecological instalment loan with the Collenda Open Credit platform

14 December 2020

Meerbusch, 14 December 2020: The Nürnberg-based UmweltBank offers its customers sustainable savings products and financing solutions. With the UmweltWunschkredit, the bank is now expanding its product range to include an ecological instalment loan. For this purpose, the bank uses the digital loan application process “Open Credit – Loan Origination” by the software company Collenda from Meerbusch.

UmweltBank decided to use Collenda’s innovative software solutions for the digital implementation of the green instalment loan. The UmweltWunschkredit is part of the growth strategy of the bank in Nürnberg. The demand for financing solutions for smaller, but no less ecological projects – from sustainable renovations to electric cars – has been experienced by the institute for quite some time. With the UmweltWunschkredit, they now offer a suitable product.

In order to provide its customers with an even better user experience, UmweltBank has decided to digitalise the application process for the loan completely. While customers can now apply for loans at any time and from any place, the new Open Credit solution will enable the bank to handle the loan application process more efficiently in the future and to process the increasing demand without any problems.

Collenda CEO Hartmut Wagner emphasises:

We are very pleased about the new cooperation with UmweltBank. Their products and services around sustainable financial products have a huge resonance. We are sure that the new solution will fully meet the demands of private clients as well as employees of UmweltBank. It is a great pleasure and an exciting challenge for Collenda to support UmweltBank in its growth objectives and to offer its customers improved services in the process. We are looking forward to a constructive cooperation.“