Open Credit – Collections & Recovery

The intelligent problem loan solution from Collenda.

As a result of the corona crisis, the number of non-performing loans and loan defaults will continue to rise sharply. In order to meet these developments appropriately and to prepare for the future as a bank, effective software support is now more important than ever. Collenda’s software solution Collection & Recovery supports banks throughout the entire collection process: from early detection and efficient processing of payment defaults to monitoring and recovery of terminated contracts.

A clear graphical display of all relevant key figures, intuitive initiation of measures and targeted processing of non-automated process steps are just some of the tools our solution offers you for effective and efficient case processing. You too can discover the advantages of workflow-supported receivables management:

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With Collenda Open Credit – C&R

collections and recovery

Better Experience

  • Task list and case based processing
  • Easy handling of the next measure
  • Device independent
  • User and goal-oriented UI

solution for npl

Greater effectiveness

  • KPI graphics in the dashboard
  • Integrated reporting
  • Extended payment plan functionality
  • Graphical case overview

solution for problem loans

Increased efficiency

  • Decision-controlled processing
  • Supported guidance for non-automated case status
  • Milestone management


Collenda already supports more than 500 banks with the Open Credit Collections & Recovery problem loan solution. By analyzing a wide range of data with automatic support, we help our customers to identify risks at an early stage. Our insolvency data interface enables you, for example, to easily monitor insolvencies with recognition of new cases and to provide all updates on the status of proceedings.

For efficient implementation, receivables management is closely linked to the portfolio management systems. This enables our solution to analyze your entire customer and contract portfolio with regard to relevant crisis signals and to initiate appropriate countermeasures. A differentiated and customer-specific design of these processes is of course possible.

Collenda Collections & Recovery checks your entire customer and contract portfolio daily for the indicators you have defined for early detection and seamlessly transfers the cases to the automatic process handling. The dynamic interface architecture supports the uncomplicated communication with existing and third-party systems while the automated data synchronization keeps all information up-to-date at all times. Since our software can also be operated in the cloud, you can also save on hardware and licensing costs while benefiting from rapid scalability as volumes increase.

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You can increase your repayment rate through continuous monitoring and the use of targeted measures. For this purpose, use the full catalog of measures for backlog processing, each with a high degree of automation and support, such as:

  • Start/continuation of the dunning process up to termination
  • Recording and automatic monitoring of compliance with payment and deferral agreements
  • Documentation and support of the collateral liquidation process.

Individually configurable workflows not only ensure traceable standardization, but also reduce your workload by replacing manual processes, thus reducing time and costs. The degree of automation is still up to you: the workflow reliably handles the processing you require and yet integrates the employee exactly where his decision is required.


Collenda Open Credit – C&R provides comprehensive processing support for all complexity levels of non-performing loans. Here, too, you benefit from all efficiency-enhancing automations such as workflows and individually configurable processes. Manage master data on insolvencies, collateral and objects or document and process enforcement measures and all types of collateral realization conveniently from one application.

Take advantage of further versatile options, such as

  • Calculate customer-related debtor lists using interest on arrears calculations for the exact date
  • Create standardized customer letters using form templates, in full compliance with the in-house text manual
  • Making and documenting agreements with your debtors and monitoring these measures e.g. instalment payment agreement
  • Automatically determine and pay out the quota distribution of payments in the case of external funds management.
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In addition to the interfaces to your existing systems, standardized connections are available. Exchange data with the local courts in the course of the automated judicial dunning procedure and send your reports to SCHUFA. The extension Insolvency Check is also available for the automated creation and updating of insolvency cases.


software für npl

Loan Origination

Today’s end customers require a fast and uncomplicated credit application that can be submitted anywhere at any time, as well as a quick credit decision. Collenda’s loan origination software can help you make the leap into the future to retain your customers and attract new ones.

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Loan Servicing

Reduce the manual effort for your loan officers with the help of Collenda Loan Servicing Software. With the help of intelligent workflows, the loan management software helps you to automate your administrative process from account creation to payment management and the processing of arrears.

collections and recovery

Cwize Performance Management

Improve your repayment rate through more transparent cooperation between lenders and collection partners. Receive 24/7 information on debt collection activities and results and objectively analyze and compare your debt collection partner’s performance through more than 40 KPI reports.

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