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In the constantly changing financial sector, the demands on credit administration have also changed in the course of digitisation. Reduce the manual effort for your loan officers with the help of the Collenda Loan Servicing Software. With the help of intelligent workflows, the loan management software helps you to automate your administrative process from account creation to payment management and the processing of arrears. The intuitive user interface can be customized for each employee and enables your employees to improve customer service through integrated reporting. This enables you to react better to your customers and increase your customer satisfaction.

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software for loan management

Better Experience

  • Use the integrated calculation engine and get real-time information on all accounts and bookings.
  • React faster and more accurately to customer requests.
  • Administrate your system flexibly.

loan management

Greater Effectiveness

  • Accelerate market access for new products.
  • Offer standard product conditions internationally.
  • Reduce risks – real-time calculation of arrears, automated dunning procedure.

software fuer loan management

Higher Efficiency

  • Use intelligent automation.
  • Use the configurable booking rules and automated workflows.
  • Adapt your existing accounts flexibly.
  • Reduce your total operating costs.

The loan origination software not only supports you in making credit decisions, but also offers a product configuration in addition to the credit application section, in which the products can be defined with repayment types, interest and fees. This means that the sum of the current loan is automatically adjusted even if unscheduled repayments have been made. Furthermore, an account determination logic is available in which the subledger accounts and posting rules as well as posting records can be freely configured.

loan management

Maintaining profitable customer relationships is more important than ever for banks to survive in today’s competitive market. The preferred strategy for avoiding churn and maintaining customer relationships is to use digital technology which helps to improve customer experience.. Learn how to increase customer loyalty in the digital banking age and download our white paper today.

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Therefore, Collenda Loan Origination & Servicing offers you a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from the loan application software, to the credit decision and the subsequent management of the loan applications, which increases your customer satisfaction and reduces error rates. Find out more about our solutions for the entire credit life cycle.

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Loan Origination

Nowadays, customers require a quick and uncomplicated credit application that can be submitted anywhere at any time, as well as a quick credit decision. Collenda’s loan origination software helps you make the leap into the future to retain your customers and attract new ones.


Collections & Recovery

We provide comprehensive processing support for all levels of complexity of non-performing loans: From the early detection and efficient processing of payment problems to the monitoring and recovery of terminated contracts. Benefit from all automations that increase efficiency.

software for loan management

Performance Management

Improve your repayment rate through more transparent cooperation between lenders and debt collection partners. Receive 24/7 information on debt collection activities and results and objectively analyse and compare the performance of your debt collection partner with the help of more than 40 KPI reports.

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