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Risk management for customer portfolios with interfaces to credit agencies and credit insurers.


An eye on your customers at all times

The current economic situation around the world highlights how quickly customers and suppliers can fall into financial difficulties in times of crisis. Payment delays and defaults are becoming increasingly likely. It will, therefore, be even more important in the future to make sound credit decisions to secure one’s own liquidity. Our Credit Management software helps you to establish reliable credit management allowing straightforward monitoring of your customers and, therefore, early risk protection through proactive measures. You thus minimise the risks, get a better overview of the situation and arm your company for the future.

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Collenda is your reliable partner for the professional evaluation of financial risks in the B2B environment. Our Credit Management software enables you to master daily challenges not only more effectively but also more efficiently:

  • reduce manual work thanks to numerous interfaces to external information service providers and credit insurers,
  • save time and costs with user-friendlier workflows and smarter automated processes,
  • achieve scalability and flexibility thanks to operation in the cloud.


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More efficient work thanks to interfaces with external service providers

Monitoring of existing customer relationships requires easy access to external creditworthiness information. Our Credit Management software has numerous integrated interfaces with external service providers such as credit bureaus or trade credit insurance companies. Debt collection service providers can also be connected. Thus, you no longer have to use different portals of various providers, register with them and then submit enquiries and monitor portfolios with manual data inputs. Instead, you can access all the information from a central application. Thanks to the integrated mailboxes for accessing messages, for example for monitoring, you always have an overview of all your customer data (up-to-date and historicised). This saves a great deal of time and work. The enquiries can also be triggered through process control and the received data is then available for other automated processes, such as processing in scorecards and analyses.

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Times of crisis confront many companies with financial challenges. Securing liquidity is now the top priority and reliable credit and receivables management is therefore more important than ever. We have summarized in 5 tips how you can make your credit management crisis-proof.

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Safer credit decisions and fewer defaults

This external information can also be used to supplement the internal indicators for use in scorecards and analyses. Our Credit Management software supports you in the consolidation, evaluation and weighting of all available information on the basis of administrable scorecards. These can be automatically processed, enabling you to conduct ongoing monitoring. In this way, significant changes among your customers can be identified early and proactive counter-measures quickly initiated. Up-to-date information on the creditworthiness and payment behaviour of your customers as well as a wide range of options for rule-based process support give your company the necessary certainty to actively control the client portfolio.

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Flexible, automated processes

The customisable workflow design makes it possible to adjust the workflows to your business processes and automate them, thus easing your burden of routine work. Recurrent tasks, such as reducing credit limits and taking changed credit bureau scorings or insurer limit adjustments into account, are assigned directly to customers and displayed to the persons handling the case as a follow-up. Through the integrated user and rights management, the Credit Management software enables approval authorisations to be recorded and automated decision-making processes to be defined. Thus the central communication and information platform not only facilitates task-oriented work but is also self-explanatory and can be managed with a high degree of flexibility. This means you always have a clear overview and can concentrate on what is really important – your customers.

Presentation of risk groups

From the self-employed to complex corporate structures – the concept of flexibly combining individual customers into risk groups provides sufficient freedom in dealing with cross-customer issues. The settlement of granted credit limits and available security reliably calculates the risk borne by you. A portfolio overview is integrated into the software to give you an overall view of your customer base. Here the table presentation can be filtered and sorted according to different criteria. This presentation can also be transferred outside your system so you can also forward your overviews of customers with the highest arrears or customers with the highest risk classification, for instance. Because our Credit Management software is operated in the cloud, we can also provide you with maximum flexibility and rapid scalability.


more liquid funds available*


faster verification*


fewer defaults*

More transparency thanks to integrated reporting

The reporting integrated into the Credit Management software offers the possibility of conveniently and clearly evaluating all relevant and current information with a quick drag & drop. Thanks to the cutting edge user interface, you can create meaningful reports, evaluations and dashboards at the company or group level intuitively and with just a few clicks. To get the best possible visualisations of the data, you can choose between numerous graphic types and also link them to attached tables with drill functions. The classification into different authorisation groups supports the access control to the relevant reports for individual users.

What our customers say

Melle Gallhöfer

In Collenda we have found a reliable partner who has helped us to make our credit management much more efficient with competent advice and exceptional customer service.

– Markus Mönke, Head of Accounting

Melle Gallhöfer


… because it’s an easy-to-use, all-in-one credit management system with a reporting tool – one that can be tailored to our company’s requirements at any time.

– Daniel Klinke, Credit Manager

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Read the case study

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*According to statements from our customers.