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Cwize offers essential insights into the end-to-end collection management process. With Cwize, lenders and their collection partners can work together more effectively to optimize case management strategies and improve recovery rates.

Healthy cooperation along the credit management chain depends on shared ideas and understanding. Cwize creates a uniform view of case data and offers powerful tools for analysis and collaboration – all essential elements for an effective partnership.

Compliance and yield go hand in hand with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) thanks to Cwize, because clients and debt collection agencies can work better together. And with its certified cloud technology, Cwize is quickly implemented and requires no commitment of time from your IT organization. Cwize has an ISAE3402 Type II certificate and is ISO 27001 certified, so you can be assured of the quality of our service.

Built on Collenda’s proven expertise in amicable and judicial collection, and developed in partnership with leading creditors, Cwize offers unique insights onto portfolio collections performance

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cwize performance management

Analyze performance

View your entire portfolio and objectively benchmark and analyze collections performance. With 50 graphic charts of key performance indicators, Cwize delivers results quickly because it is easy to use and delivered as a secure cloud service for rapid deployment and maximum flexibility.

Enhance cooperation

Enhance cooperation along the credit management chain. Each lender may selectively grant online access to its collection partners so everyone can share the same view of status and performance, speeding communications and issue resolution.

Maximum effectiveness

Maintain a record of your collections status over time, with daily updates collected automatically from partner systems and the bailiff’s office. Cwize makes trends and exposures easy to see, so you can take action early and achieve maximum effectiveness.



Learn more about the functionality of Cwize in our short demo video on YouTube.


  • 100% transparency Between you and your collection partners
  • User friendly Over 50 user-friendly performance metrics built in – no special training required
  • Access and total security Cloud delivered and all data held in the EU for easy access and total security
  • Usage Works with Credit Navigator, EuroDossier, Praclox, Credit Tools, Phin AMV and all leading credit management systems
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Implementation for immediate returns

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