Open Credit – Debt Management software

Efficient support in all aspects of receivables management – from the first payment request and installment plans to the legal dunning process and enforcement.


Maintain customer relationships and liquidity

Due to the current situation, the likelihood is rising that companies and customers will increasingly experience financial difficulties and, as a result, disruptions to payments and defaults will occur. You should, therefore, act now to make your accounts receivable management, an area of great importance for a company’s cash flow, more efficient and effective and therefore future-proof. However, the challenge here is often to settle the claim without losing the customer. Our intelligent Debt Management software enables you to pull off this tricky balancing act of maintaining both customer relationships and liquidity with communication instead of conflict.

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Our Debt Management software Open Credit – DM supports you throughout the accounts receivable management process, from the first payment demand through instalment plans to the judicial dunning process and enforcement:

  • Improve your recovery rates thanks to more solution-oriented measures and functions such as an extended payment plan functionality and integrated reporting.
  • Increase your recovery success through automated customer-tailored dunning processes and convenient follow-up management.
  • Save time and costs with administrable workflows and decision-controlled processing.


faster handling*


increased customer satisfaction*


faster settlement of outstanding receivables*


Proactive and ethical receivables management thanks to artificial intelligence

Given a sufficient database, Collenda’s Debt Management software can use artificial intelligence to segment the debtors. Through up-to-date and transparent data, optionally boosted through the integration of external sources, the system can recognise for instance whether outstanding instalments have arisen merely due to a forgotten invoice or whether the customer is suffering from more severe financial difficulties. Depending on the segment, different solution-oriented measures can then be taken to address clients in a target group-specific manner. This action may be further optimised through the integration of artificial intelligence for support in the decision-making process.

The interplay of human and artificial intelligence allows you to make better decisions so you can take an individual approach to your customers. And if you address debtors appreciatively and via a suitable channel, you often not only benefit from the faster settlement of the outstanding claim but also increase customer loyalty.

Do you work together with several collection partners and agencies? Then our performance management solution Cwize will help you to establish an even more effective partnership.

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Chatbots – Communication instead of conflict

If a claim then slips into default the artificial intelligence can also provide support in restructuring. Historical data can be used to establish the ideal instalment and best possible payment horizon, significantly improving the recovery rate and ultimately also benefiting the debtor. Our debt collection software also offers the possibility of integrating an AI-based chatbot into your debtor portal, which can provide an initial answer to enquiries that you receive via the customer portal. Not only does this ensure round-the-clock availability and quick answering of questions but also eases your employees’ workload – the bot can not only process simple enquiries but also handle negotiations on the restructuring of financing. The psychological barrier when it comes to dealing with payment defaults is also alleviated for the debtor, and the sense of shame associated with asking questions is lessened if one is clearly communicating with a bot.


Team spirit, the always friendly and courteous manner and the professionalism of our contact persons there as well as the uncomplicated pragmatism with which even complex problems are solved, we have experienced and appreciated in many joint projects with and at Collenda.“

– Jürgen Siegle, team leader receivables and collection management
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Compact, transparent processing

The starting point for the daily handling of cases is the quick overview and debtor files. The Debt Management software offers you, at a glance, the necessary transparency regarding the status of all outstanding receivables. The status of a case can be accessed at any time and is always kept up to date, so you always know exactly where you stand. The electronic file of a debtor or customer is where the correspondence is collected, bookings are implemented, notes are recorded, and payment arrangements are planned, calculated and created, in part fully automatically. Correspondence and reminder dispatches flow directly from the accounts receivable management software. Processing all the master data, recording payments or implementing individual processing steps is, therefore, a piece of cake.

Automated, efficient processes

Collenda’s Debt Management software helps your employees to fully automatically process outstanding and new claims, from monitoring payment receipts to the dunning process. The automation of core processes of the commercial dunning system, the initiation of the judicial dunning procedure or enforcement and recurrent work steps appreciably reduce your in-house recovery expenses. At the same time, the follow-up management, with automated deadline monitoring and functions for a selective, task-oriented procedure and the allocation to your employees, ensures that your recovery rate is optimised.

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Efficient receivables management thanks to a wide range of interfaces

The simple import and export make it possible to transfer data from a wide range of upstream systems into the accounts receivable management software. Numerous interfaces between our solution and your already connected systems, such as accounting, the bank or external information service providers and credit bureaus, enable you to have a continual flow of information. Since the software is operated in the cloud, we also provide you with maximum flexibility and rapid scalability. It is easy for you to quickly process your cases in the browser from any location, providing you with the certainty you need for the development of your company. Whatever happens in other areas of your business, you have in us a partner you can rely on in the area of accounts receivable management.

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*According to statements from our customers.