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The credit market is extremely competitive – this phrase can be heard in various variations from all quarters and now KfW has lowered its thumbs in its most recent outlook with regard to credit growth.

Despite this, new market participants are trying to gain market share, direct banks are trying to increase their market share and even long-established market participants, such as Deutsche Bank recently or previously Commerzbank, are returning to their core business and concentrating on lending to private and business customers.

However, this focus is made more difficult by the new mentality of customers, who are increasingly conducting their financial transactions online. In a study published by YouGov on 24.07.2018, 23 % of the respondents stated that they conclude their financial transactions exclusively or predominantly online. For established banks with branch business, this means that the growing number of online closers must not be neglected under any circumstances.

This is all more important because the monthly net household income of these customers is generally higher than that of offline customers. In addition, this customer group is more willing to take risks and have an affinity for technology, but is also willing to change if there are better offers elsewhere.

In order to reach this customer group, new interactive end-to-end system solutions are required that cover the entire process, from the loan application via the Internet to the loan application process and the management of the loans. Today’s online customers in particular expect not only a favorable price for the loan but also a simple and fast process with simultaneous transparency and comparability of the offer. For credit providers, this means that the entire process must become digital – the only way to reduce costs, increase speed and increase customer satisfaction.

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