Advantages of using credit management software to monitor customers and handle credit insurance.

Today, most companies still monitor their customers manually and log on to different applications to gather information on customers and receivables. The data is often kept unstructured at different locations, so that the handling of the information available today already represents a considerable expenditure of time.

In many cases, the need for action is only revealed when a negative event occurs, such as late payment or a customer complaint. In this way, the system also reacts to incoming information from external service providers and sometimes it is already too late and the claim has already occurred. If credit insurance is then taken out, losses can be covered. Unfortunately, the workload for the credit manager is not reduced by monitoring deadlines, handling obligations and checking limits. The credit manager always waits for a triggering event, which then prompts the credit manager to act.

Advantages of Collenda Credit Manager

Communication with the customer and the sales department can also take place via a single system. E-mails, documents, information and insurance information are stored in a customer file for this purpose. No manual registration in online portals is required. Resubmissions that proactively indicate that deadlines have been reached or limits have been reached, for example, and thus give the credit manager room for manoeuvre, enable him to act at an early stage.
The information and supplements from credit agencies as well as the applications for credit limits from a credit insurance company are commissioned, retrieved and then historicised within an application. The monitoring of credit limits for insurance companies is carried out automatically in Collenda Credit Manager and, above all, the reports to the insurance company or collection charges are also mapped by the software. The mapping of the insurance contracts with the corresponding obligations will give the credit manager the freedom to concentrate on the essential things – your turnover and your customers in Collenda Credit Manager are your profit!

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